Is this a different Testament?

As stated in FullCircle Revelation which apparently is the 1st of 13 volumes to be written; that is correct we are in a different testament.

For some reason people miscontrue changing of testaments as a doing away with of the last one, this is not so. As it states in the New Testament it is not a doing away with or even a diminishing at all! Simply a fullfilling of them. What that means is when another testament comes about the last is simply completed! Its not gone anywhere! Everything is being fullfilled. Its not hard to understand if a person WANTS to understand.

The changing of the testaments is simply God saying Atlas Daughter Atlas Son, you are mine so let me whisper this in your ear, so that you will be okay. Its simply him saying the rules have changed. According to the condition of the world, and the obedience or disobedience of man the rules WILL CHANGE.

This is why warnings are written in the bible about certain ones living their lives strictly by the letter and not at all by the spirit. If you live strictly by the written letter and do not allow any spirituality, when things change over – which they do – you will not feel it or comprehend – it whereas everyone else will.