We are all connected

Ministries keep everything in order

Each person is ordained one

The ministry of a person is sometimes learned early in life and other times it is learned later

In the early days the last 20 -30 years up until when Christ walked the earth and beyond when Moses walked the earth

Ministries took place ‘within the church’ if the church was abiding in a physical building so be it – but the church is in you – so the ministries follow therewith

Here are some ministries… as time went by other ministries were seen and noticed





mother of the church


When the physical churches came about ….the parts of deacon and pastor came about

Within each part – some will receive an ‘accent’ an accent is like a second job ‘within’ that particular ministry

One such job is called an intercessor

An intercessor

Is a very powerful ‘accent’

An intercessor is basically an accent that everyone gets to participate in

It can be on a small degree or a scale of enormous and powerful proportion

From what I have seen…. the ability to intercede can be something that ‘follows’ within a physical a trait

I ..even I can recognize when a child will be used within his or her life as an intercessor

They experience bouts of depression that will simply not lift for hours or even days

Or they will find themselves crying ..sometimes hysterically for no reason

Listen up …. this is important information …I will continue this on my blog – Intercessor