Then the door opened

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One reason for the need of the testament changing over is due to the changes that will occur. There will be a very large influx of ‘new arrivals’ entering into the country. Such a large influx has not been seen in centuries or if ever. This influx holds the arrival of peoples from what is called the ‘four corners of the earth’ this movement was ‘ordained ‘ to by God. It is the entrance of four groups entering into the country carrying along with them their religions, beliefs, cultures and languages.

This movement is so breathtaking that it was needs be in the eyes of God for the testament to change also.

And so it has

As stated in FullCircle Revelation Third Revelation, if there is resistance to this movement it could cause an even further spiritual backsliding of America, which could result in ‘internal disputes’ within the country -which will eventually become more ‘severe’.

The severe and disheartening rise in western sastistics, the astonishing influx of new arrivals and the realization of health which will skyrocket multiracial families are not nearly the only reason that the testament has changed.

There are many things – symbolic things that have taken place these last 20 years or so and also the many unraveling things that are deemed to take place in the years to come that have provoked the change in testaments

Love and peace be with everyone